We would love to hear from you - please take a couple of minutes to give us your feedback on your recent experience with our app...
We really need your feedback to reflect your true feelings. We will forget that we know where you live (well, some of you anyway...)
Sure - let's go!
When you decided to register:

You were a bit anxious about the process and the information asked for

You found the registration process easy to understand and follow

You were able to send your first Memory during the registration steps

You were able to follow the step by step registration and ended up sending a Memory
The time to complete the registration was acceptable

Have you any comments about the registration process?

Rate how it felt when you first captured a Memory and saw it land on your time line

Do you have any suggestions or comments about adding a Memory and sharing it with your people?

The things you really like about Meander are:

Let us know if you believe the app is good enough for you to use

Keep in mind the app is meant to have enough functionality so that we can find out what you really value

What is the one thing that you really like about the Meander app?

What is the one thing that you don't like or doesn't work for you when using Meander?

What do you suggest needs improving now?

We have had a lot of great feedback already - please add any other comments you feel would enhance our app!

Thank you for helping us - it is really appreciated! From Nev and Jo
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